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2022 Groomer Report

Recent updates and improvements have made grooming machines more powerful and comfortable, and software tools continue to be refi...

By Popular Demand

By Popular Demand

Written by Claire Humber
Overcrowding is a problem for both operators and guests. The solution? Create resort-wide balance.
The Caldor Fire blazed through Sierra-at-Tahoe, Calif., damaging structures, lifts, and thousands of trees.

Lot to Cover

Written by Katie Brinton
Why the insurance market is changing, how to navigate major property claims, and why the future is complicated for insurers and ski areas alike.
Positive Results in Challenging Times
An industry luminary shares useful highlights and astute observations from the 2020-21 NSAA Economic Analysis. 
Red River, N.M., expanded its summer operations in 2009 to include an 18-hole disc golf course, among other attractions.

Summer Ops in Hindsight

Written by April Darrow
With more than a decade of summer operations under their belts, resort operators have learned what works and what doesn’t, and can see what’s next....
Rounding the bend at the Snowshoe, W.Va., bike park.

The Kids Are Alright

Written by Hilary Delross
Applying winter strategies to bike park learning programs is a recipe for success.
The view from inside at the Crystal Mountain, Wash., Sky Camp glamping site.

Luxury Gone Wild

Written by Gina DeCaprio Vercesi
The growth in popularity of glamping, a.k.a. glamorous camping, cannot be ignored. Learn from resorts that are making the most of the opportunity. 
International Workers to the Rescue
Staff members on J-1 or H-2B visas infill workforce gaps and bring skills and diversity to ski areas.
Culture, Care, Compensation

Culture, Care, Compensation

Written by Moira McCarthy
It’s complicated, of course, but there are many concrete steps resorts can take to overcome staffing challenges.
Mountain Spy :: March 2022

Mountain Spy :: March 2022

Written by Dave Meeker
“Is there a way to avoid lines at your ski area?” 
Photos (clockwise): Windham Mountain, N.Y., is one of the many resorts that uses a lift to work on the underside of its machines; a track with fresh belts and bolts is ready for torquing in the manufacturer recommended pattern; quality maintenance keeps this older machine in use at Sir Sam’s in Ontario.

Caring for Your Snowcats

Written by Elia Hamilton
Proper preventative maintenance in the offseason will keep your grooming fleet purring.
New Products :: March 2022

New Products :: March 2022

Written by Jack Fagone
Technology for maintenance, guest experience, and fun. 
The School of Holiday Ops

The School of Holiday Ops

Written by Michael Chait
A mountain of holiday challenges offered vital lessons in operations and communication.
News and Views :: March 2022

News and Views :: March 2022

Written by The Editors
Mega questions, ski biz abandons OR, Olympics, people news and more.
Publisher's Memo :: March 2022

Publisher's Memo :: March 2022

Written by Olivia Rowan
Solving our Riddles