November 1996

  • Consolidation: Analysis And Direction
    Critical mass is the driving force behind consolidation in many business fields, and so it is within the ski industry. SAM examines the outcomes of critical mass achieved by agglomerates and how it affects the rest of the industry. Sidebar describes the country's six biggest multi-resort groupings.

  • Back In Business
    George Gillett discusses his long, slow climb back from bankruptcy and his blazing re-entry into the industry he loves as head of Booth Creek Partners, the newest addition to the select circle of multi-resort groupings.

  • Anatomy Of The Deal
    The fascinating details, human and financial, of the purchase of S-K-I as revealed in an interview with the man who did the deal, Les Otten of the American Skiing Company.

  • Angling For The Solution
    At first they said Breckenridge, Colo., would need two lifts to service two base areas near some lodging. Then ingenuity took over and a Poma-designed lift with a 45-degree angle provided the solution.

  • Wire Rope: Past, Present And Future
    A historical perspective of the development of high-strength wire rope.

  • Maintenance Gets A Lift
    At Labrador Mountain, N.Y., they needed a new maintenance building, but even more, they wanted an efficient way to lift wide-track grooming vehicles for repairs. Lif-Tech Equipment rose to the challenge of designing and manufacturing the unique lift.

  • Construction Site
    SAM takes a look at some of the more interesting construction projects around the country: Wildwheels Pier, N.J.; Angel Fire, N.M.; Sunshine Village, Banff, Alberta; Jackson Hole, Wyo. and Purgatory, Colo.

  • Let's Do Winter
    To bring the excitement of winter sports to young people, the American Skiing Company enlisted sponsors and created a traveling show that is visiting 30 college campuses in the Northeast this fall.

  • 10 Years Ago In Sam
    A look at industry events ten years ago, a time that may have signaled the start of the current consolidation fever.

  • Skiing On A Budget
    A glowing review of Claire Walter's book, Skiing on a Budget, which provides skiers with information on how to save money on every aspect of skiing.

  • The Unofficial Guide To Skiing In The West
    A review of the The Unofficial Guide to Skiing in the West, a thorough look at 50 western ski areas written by Lito Tejada-Flores, Peter Shelton, Seth Masia and Bob Sehlinger.

  • Adults Learn To Ski Like Magic
    Adults as well as children learning to ski use the Magic Carpet ski lift in Greek Peak, N.Y., to ease beginner's apprehension.

  • Luging For The Masses
    The competition luge has been modified for general recreational use, becoming yet another option for sliding down a mountain. Two featured here are the LaserLuge and the Hansen luge.

  • Return Of The Skibob
    Silver Creek, Colo., introduces another way to get down the mountain: the Snowbike. An updated version of the 1960s skibob, this ski/bicycle hybrid is manufactured by Brenter Skibob KG Austria and distributed by Rocky Mountain Snowbikes.

  • Renting Super Sidecuts
    Now that consumers seem to have enthusiastically accepted the concept of super sidecuts, rental managers need to train staff in this area, specifically regarding length selection, tuning, returns and retail.

  • Preserving History
    The Arthur Lakes Library at the Colorado School of Mines received a unique donation of the working library of Chuck Dwyer, former chief ropeway engineer for the Forest Service. The collection is the base of the Information Center for Ropeway Studies, which continues to collect and preserve history and developments in the field of wire rope transportation.

  • Clubs Bring New Riders
    Snowboard clubs are a good way to attract the 13- to 24-year old crowd to your resort. Here's how to find them, create them if necessary and give them what they want.

  • Trails For Mountain Bikes
    A fall Mountain Bike Trails Workshop at Mount Snow, Vt., discussed building and maintaining trails to avoid potential problems such as soil erosion and wildlife habitat encroachment due to the increasing popularity of off-road biking.

  • Dispelling Myths About The Great Shrinkage Of Ski Areas
    An examination of growth and decline in the number of ski areas since 1955-56, pointing out the industry trend towards consolidation and the disappearance of small ski areas.

  • 1997 Directory Of Products And Services
    A listing of products and services and their suppliers within the ski industry.

  • Supplier Directory
    Names, addresses and key contacts for suppliers of products and services to the ski industry.

  • Consolidation Gets Mixed Reviews
    A survey of ski area operators on the impact of consolidation within the industry provided both candid and surprising comments.

  • Focus On Consolidation
    An optimistic take on the future of the ski industry with an overview of the November issue's focus on consolidation.

  • The Forest Service: Is A New Beginning Possible?
    A call for the ski industry to exert all possible influence on the naming of a replacement for resigning Forest Service Chief Jack Ward Thomas, supporting a candidate with an understanding of the agency's responsibilities for providing recreation.

  • What Do We Call Ourselves?
    The verdict is in: regardless of how they are sliding down the mountain, people know us as the ski industry, running ski areas. If that designation doesn't bother anyone, why change it?

  • Publisher's Memo
    A warm thanks to the town of Ishpeming, Mich., the volunteers and staff of the National Ski Hall of Fame from publisher David Rowan after his induction.