May 2023

New Products :: May 2023

Structures, seats, tech solutions, and other items to consider.

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TUBBO is a ground-independent cylindrical structure with a transparent design that shelters visitors from the elements. The structures can function as patio enclosures, glamping spaces, and conveyor-lift galleries, among other applications. Made of steel and UV- and high-impact-resistant polycarbonate, they can be used year-round in any climate and can withstand extreme wind and snow loads. Modular design allows units to be connected for a range of lengths. The base unit size is roughly 6.5 ft. long, 9 ft. wide, and 9 ft. tall. The structures offer 360-degree views, infrared heating, LED lighting, power outlets, and air conditioning. They can be anchored to the ground and/or ballasted with concrete counterweights. TUBBO structures are available in North America through EJH Distribution.




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The new Axess SkiWallet app allows resort guests to store their lift tickets on their mobile phones. The mobile passes can then be scanned hands-free at an AX500 Smart Gate NG BLE using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. When the skier or rider steps into the reading area of the gate, the mobile phone connects automatically via Bluetooth and the ticket is checked. The gate then opens automatically after approval, as with Axess’ RFID systems. The app has been designed to use as little energy as possible, so that the cell phone can always remain active despite low temperatures. The technology is now available after extensive testing.




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MountainGuard insurance recently launched a guest accident protection (GAP) program that offers coverage to all day ticket and season pass holders of ski resorts. Guests are eligible for this coverage while participating in sponsored activities on the resort’s premises. For only $2 for a one-day pass and $20 for a season pass, customers receive $20,000 in accident coverage (pricing may differ by state). This low-cost coverage is included in the cost of a lift ticket or season pass. If a customer has a serious accident on resort property, on or off the slopes, and they need medical care, they will likely have out-of-pocket costs, even if they have health insurance. Most medical insurance policies will cover the accident, but may only pay for part of the medical costs. The GAP program is available throughout the U.S., except in Maryland, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Washington.




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Aten Altitude is a ski area enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Imagina International. The web-based solution offers a complete range of mountain ops management modules to assist with ski lift operations and maintenance, infrastructure maintenance, slope operations, energy optimization, inventory, purchasing, and electronic document management, among other ski area tasks. Aten Altitude is customizable and scalable to a resort’s operations. Further, staff can connect to the solution from any medium (computer, tablet, smartphone) at any time. The software aims to simplify control and maintenance interventions and provide efficient, error-free reporting.




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Tree radar mapping is a non-invasive trunk and root inspection completed by the Tree Radar Unit (TRU) system to help ensure trees used as support for adventure parks or other attractions are healthy. This portable imaging system creates an image of the internal trunk and subsurface structural root mass to determine if internal decay is present and to detect vertical surface cracks that are not visible to the eye. It also produces images of the root structure, location, and depth. Using radar waves, roots as small as 1 cm can be detected and mapped under a wide variety of surfaces including turf, bare ground, concrete, asphalt, bricks, pavers, and buildings. Because the TRU system is non-invasive, soils are not disturbed and roots are not injured, so repeated measurements can be taken to reveal long-term root development or decline.




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SnowCloud Cumulus is a complete resort operating platform that can run all aspects of a ski or amusement business. Resorts can create, manage, and sell all products through Cumulus. The platform includes a guest-facing mobile app and an operator-facing app. The Cumulus Resort App allows guests to encode their own RFID media or use their phone for lift access, to make purchases, to manage their accounts, and to order food or retail items. Operators can run their entire business from a smartphone with no need for additional hardware, according to the company. The Cumulus Operator App provides ski area operators with the ability to open and close trails on the website, check real-time reporting, manage guest service issues, process sales, encode media, and perform access scanning.




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Idaho Sewing for Sports has partnered with Renegade Plastics to launch a fully-recyclable chairlift seat. Instead of traditional PVC, the seat is covered with Renegade’s patent-pending, recyclable, low-carbon, weather-resistant polypropylene fabric. The material is 30 to 40 percent lighter weight than PVC, according to the company. Idaho Sewing for Sports sourced polypropylene webbing and thread for the seat so that, when the seat is ready for retirement, the cover can be recycled with as little effort as possible. The seat foam itself can be recycled by Piana Technology as part of its national foam recycling program.