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January 2023

New Products :: January 2023

New and updated offerings

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jan23 np wiegandWiegand’s latest development in interactive coaster rides brings the four-season Alpine Coaster experience onto any terrain. The CoasterKart is a four-wheeled, two-seat cart that rides along a set track. The track can be designed to flat or hilly terrain, indoors or outdoors, with overpasses and tunnels. Powered by a frictionless linear induction motor (LIM) for smooth acceleration and braking, the rider controls the speed up to 25 mph by using a foot pedal or throttle lever. The carts can be custom themed. The company says CoasterKart has an environmentally friendly footprint that does not require foundations to support the track.



jan23 np beekeeperBeekeeper’s Frontline Success System helps companies automate paper-based processes, communicate with employees in real-time from anywhere, and improve the engagement, productivity, and safety of frontline teams. There are several new capabilities to the mobile-first platform: Frontline Workspace, Employee Referrals, Employee Onboarding, and Safety Management. Frontline Workspace improves access to workers’ shifts, pay slips, training and onboarding information, and two-way communication between frontline teams. Employee Referrals can inform, collect, track, and reward employees for their referrals. Employee Onboarding engages new hires with a communication plan that reinforces critical touchpoints of the new hire journey. Safety Management provides training, accident prevention, accident reporting, and safety metrics.



jan23 np idaho sewingIdaho Sewing for Sports now offers fully recyclable padding products for ski area applications. All of the company’s padding and covers can be made from its new renegade polypropylene-based fabrics and V/SMART foam. The renegade fabric is made of recyclable polypropylene rather than PVC. The V/SMART foam is composed of fibers specifically chosen for recyclability, and it contains up to 70 percent recycled fibers. The recyclable product line is lighter weight, as durable or more durable than existing products, and less expensive than non-recyclable options in many cases. In addition, it can decrease an operation’s carbon footprint by 65 percent, according to Idaho Sewing for Sports.



jan23 np lifts and runsA skier’s take on the classic game of Chutes and Ladders, Lifts and Runs is a board game for all skiers and riders that was created by a six-year-old from Whistler, B.C. Resorts can customize the game board to include their own chairlifts and trails, and take customers who play the game through the resort’s most iconic mountain zones with original artwork and lovable caricature illustrations. A mountain bike edition features jumps, rocks, climbs, shuttles, bears, and more.



jan23 np vertical realityVertical Reality’s indoor and outdoor Log Roller can be retrofitted to an existing bungee trampoline system in the same footprint. The Log Roller secures the participant in a custom adjustable harness, then positions them on the log with the help of a trained operator using a bungee lifting system. Participants run and balance on the spinning log while a combo of an electric winch and bungee cords keeps them upright. It sets up in less than an hour with two attendants, according to the company.