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March 2023

Publisher's Memo :: March 2023

Global ski industry and in this issue.

Written by Olivia Rowan | 0 comment


The ski industry is a global one. Our challenges—climate change, staffing, supply chain disruptions, and housing, to name a few—are felt worldwide. 

There is keen interest among operators in sharing what we know with the global ski industry (much like we did on the SAM Huddles during the pandemic).
Learning from each other may help us all find ways to evolve our businesses to be more economically and environmentally sustainable, as some of these headwinds will only get stronger. 

To that end, I traveled to Japan in February, along with other media types, to visit the Indy Pass resorts there and gain an understanding of the Japanese ski industry (“Parts Unknown,” p. 10). It has a fascinating history, with a potentially exciting decade ahead. 

In a similar vein, SAM editor Dave Meeker visited French resorts in February with a small group of North American operators. They were invited by Cluster Montagne, an association focused on sustainable mountain tourism, to meet with French operators, see new technology, and explore opportunities and challenges around issues like climate change and staffing. More on that in our May issue.  



Over the summer, we received an email from an up-and-coming industry leader who said, “I have read every issue of SAM since joining the industry, and you are such a tool to me in the best possible way.”  And so was born our “SAM is a Tool” campaign. This issue nails the tool concept, hammering the point that we have something for everyone.

(OK, I’m done with the puns.)

This issue of SAM is a veritable toolbox of ideas, how-tos, and think pieces for you and your team. Inside, you can:

pick up tips from experts on water storage options for snowmaking (p. 34).

gather ideas about how to sell your summer mountain experience (p. 48).

learn how to adapt your F&B to staffing and supply chain challenges (p. 42).

get insights on how to put a dent in your off-site carbon emissions (p. 67).

hear from top industry folks about values-driven leadership (p. 28).

get Win Smith’s take on the health of our industry through his analysis of another tool, the NSAA Economic Analysis (p. 58).

learn how to set a path to a more sustainable and responsible mountain bike operation (p. 61).

If you think we’ve nailed it, the best way to let us know is to continue to subscribe to SAM and of course, know that we will continue to be a tool.

Olivia Rowan, Publisher