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    Tech Supplier Guide

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    Digital Embrace

    The 2020-21 season pushed the snowsports industry to adopt technology on a whole new scale.
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Conversations around the role of technology at ski resorts exploded as we entered the first pandemic winter. The need to provide guests with a "touchless” experience saw many ski areas implementing or upgrading tech. Sweeping digital adoption has been a silver lining of the pandemic, and there's still work to be done. Our tech savvy guests have come to expect a frictionless experience. Meeting that expectation will be a prime way for the snowsports industry to retain its current participants and tap into the surge of new outdoor participants, leading to growth and enhanced guest satisfaction. Find information on navigating the new technology landscape, tech usage and implementation best practices, and a plethora of suppliers here, in the SAM Technology Mountain Department.



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Peruse the variety of technology suppliers­—from e-commerce to payment, food and beverage to ski school­—online with our Tech Supplier Guide. Choosing your tech supplier is made easier with company and product descriptions, videos, testimonials, and key contact information. You can also view our complete Tech Supplier listing from the November Tech Guide print supplement. 


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  • Tech transitions require great leadership skills to implement correctly across multiple departments. Check out the Summit Series Leadership Bootcamps and access leadership training for resort employees at all levels: https://www.saminfo.com/the-summit-series
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