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July 1999

Ski areas kept busy this summer upgrading facilites, installing new lifts, and generally making life easier for customers.
Have we finally escaped our dependency on the white stuff and found a new way to get people to the slopes?
Are your on-line marketing efforts helping or hurting?
GPS units are lightweight, easy-to-use, hand-held and have a variety of practical uses for winter resort operations.
Two recent court cases show that inherent risk is still alive and well.
Salomon's Oasis Demo program was a big hit at resorts last season.
More and more areas are committing more effort and budget to revamping beginner terrain. Here are a few ideas.
Imagine integrating every resort system into one seamless, wireless function. Imagine no more, the future is now.
Hiring international employees has its charms and its pitfalls. Mount Bachelor experienced both has decieded it's not for everyone.
A look at a mass casualty incident drill at Timberline Lodge in Oregon.
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