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July 1992
Participatory attractions may be appropriate as summer activities for some ski areas. This feature examines a few of these new and old amusements. A new trend in the theme park arena has spawned several new activities that stand by themselves, such as human mazes and labyrinths, Tank Tag and Boat Tag and fun miniature trains that are both functional and attractive.
July 1992
A look at various summer concert series that have been taking place over the last few years. The acts vary from festivals to symphonies to heavy metal. The business has not always been profitable but the publicity is of great benefit in the the following seasons.
May 1992
A look at the results of a survey sent out by the Forest Service to determine the wants and needs of fall, spring and summer season operations. This survey addressed preferred activities such as hiking and mountain biking as well as the problems they pose to the environment and the local economies.
January 1992
A look at the business of summer sports and activities at ski areas. Depending on the region, summer business varies from non-existent to a dominant source for annual revenues. The events range from biking to golf to rock concerts and the general feeling seems to be "Catch as catch can."
July 1991
A look at some food and beverage questions that can be addressed in the off-season in order to better prepare for the following season. Topics covered include focus groups, cost-cutting and pricing and revenue studies.
July 1991
A look at the major capital expenditures at U.S. resorts this summer. The number of new lifts and other area expansions is quite small. The author researches some of the reasons behind the lack of capital investment this summer.
May 1991
Many ski areas have discovered the ideal off-season match: water attractions such as pools, flumes, slides and rivers. Here's a guide to a new wave in recreation. This feature takes a look at water theme parks across North America describing their attractions and how they are received by the public.
September 1990
Construction this past summer was limited due to low earnings from past seasons. However, the summer was a busy one for trail maintenance and also in the courtrooms. A look at the summer's events broken down by region.
March 1989
Last summer Stuart Campbell, the president of the Midwest Ski Areas Association, asked me to conduct a seminar on liability insurance at the MSAA fall meeting. In preparation for this, I asked some of the midwest area operators for background information.
November 1988
Blackcomb's new glacier lifts have caterd to a booming summer business including a flood of ski camps.
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