Three Ski Patrollers Die at Mammoth

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SAM Magazine-Mammoth Lakes, Calif., April 10, 2006-Three Mammoth Mountain ski patrollers died last Thursday while working to fence off a geothermal vent following a heavy snowfall. The snow they were standing on collapsed and they fell into a 20-foot-deep well around the vent.

Two patrollers, John McAndrews and James Juarez, were attempting to remove an existing but nearly buried fence when the snow gave way, sending them into the six-foot-wide well. A third patrolman, Charles Rosenthal, went into the hole to retrieve them. All three died. Other patrollers who attempted rescue were overcome by carbon dioxide and hospitalized, though they were later released.

It is not clear whether the patrollers died from the fall or from fumes. The cause of death won't be determined until completion of autopsies and toxicological tests, according to an Associated Press report.

A memorial service for the three patrollers will be held Friday, April 14, at Mammoth. To support the families, Mammoth chairman and CEO Rusty Gregory said, " I have decided to contribute all-100 percent, without any deduction or adjustment-of this Friday's gross ticket sales to provide financial support to the Rosenthal, McAndrews and Juarez families and to create a permanent tribute on the mountain to our fallen heroes. I encourage you to participate this Friday.

"There are two ways to participate: join us on the mountain . . . or make a symbolic gesture through the purchase of a ticket for Friday online at and be with us in spirit."


ski patrol supervisor

Our thoughts and sympathy go out to all at Mammoth mountain from all at Tremblant.
Patrollers, by nature are a tight knit family, we cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering your families, team and community must be going through. Please know that the Tremblant ski patrol sends their deapest regrets and warmest sympathy to all of you.

Condolences from Maine

Please convey my condolences to the Mammoth Ski Patrol. Although I ski at a small mountain on the coast of Maine, I appreciate the support that fellow patrollers give on a daily basis.

Thoughts from Canadian Ski Patroller.

Same from Canada. Patrollers every where, while loving to ski, take personal risks to ensure the safety of the public. We wouldn't have it any other way, but it is a sobering thought when it turns tragic. Our thoughts are with the families.


Please convey to Mammoth Ski Patrol the condolences of the Australian ski patrol members. Stories like this confirm the international family who are patrollers. The selfless courage is palpable.
Robert Montgomery
Thredbo Ski Patrol