West Mountain Gets New Operator With Big Plans

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SAM Magazine--Queensbury, N.Y., August 19, 2013--As of August 15, West Mountain, N.Y., will be operated by Apex Capital and will open this winter. According to the Post Star, the group parted ways with the former ski area owner, Mike Barbone, but will now have full control over the resort. Barbone filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June and, rather than seeing the bankruptcy process through, Apex Capital initiated a reorganization plan. Apex has so far invested more than $1 million to pay off back taxes and mortgages.

Over the past few years, Apex Capital has purchased 1,400 acres around the resort with the intent to develop. The entire project, called the Mont Luzerne development, will eventually encompass 2,400 acres, where a ski-in/ski-out community is envisioned. A key parcel, 500 acres of land that connected the mountain with the proposed development area, was in foreclosure until Apex Capital paid it off on July 31.

Future plans at the resort call for a new chairlift, minor renovations and a zipline for year-round business.


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That's great news.As a NY.resident we find our selves night skiing out side of NY. in Mass. because West Mnt.'s lifts were so old and out of date.We hope the lift update will be a detachable high speed lift and if so we will go back and ski there again like I did when I was younger.Great news!