Push to The Latest: No

Gregg Blanchard -- January 19, 2015

Real SkiFi has no lack of creativity when it comes to their skiing. But their marketing ain't too bad either.

Like many resorts, they release a steady stream of videos throughout the season. Typically, views spike at launch and then trickle in for the week or so follow before being buried by other, newer content.

But when you look at the stats for a video they launched over a month ago…

…what you see seems to completely buck this trend.

How They Do It

The way they keep video plays high is a really novel combination of three things:

#1) Leftovers

Whatever gets cut from the final episode doesn't just go to waste, it's saved for what they call “leftovers”, short clips from filming that carry some form of value or entertainment on their own.

#2) Facebook Uploads

They then upload these clips directly to Facebook (example) to take advantage of the value Facebook is currently placing on that post type. They also upload to Instagram (example), but the last piece of this puzzle doesn't carry the same value for this channel as links can only be placed in bios.

#3) Piggybacked Link

Finally, they piggyback the link to the original episode on these video clips to end up with a post that looks like this:

Links alone don't get the algo love that a video does, so by combining engaging content with a highly-favored post type and a link attached, they get more views on their original piece of content via views on a leftover piece of content.

Steady Drip

Since posting the original Episode 11 video on December 1…

…they've shared 5 of these “leftovers” and frequently seen thousands of extra views come in every day to their core piece of content. I wouldn't be surprised if this one tactic has doubled the view count.

See what I mean by clever?

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