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The solution to medical bills that sideline your riders

Spot Insurance partners with some of the biggest names in the ski industry—like Ikon Pass, Telluride, Taos, and more—to offer injury coverage for riders. A Spot policy can pay up to $25,000 of a guest’s out-of-pocket medical bills each time they get hurt, with $0 deductible. 

How it works

Bundling Spot into the price of your lift tickets and season passes provides your resort with an additional revenue stream. Our simple API plugs directly into your current checkout flow—with little to no effort from you—and we handle the entire enrollment and claims process from beginning to end. We even collect data that gives you insight into how your guests are getting hurt, so you can mitigate risk.

Step up for your riders. Stand out in the industry.

When you protect your guests from debilitating medical costs, you give them peace of mind they won’t find anywhere else. And that not only attracts new customers to your mountain—it also means your guests spend more time on the slopes doing what they love. 

Partner with Spot to give your riders an unrivaled experience while reducing risk, adding value, and growing revenue. 

Ready to step up for your riders? 

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