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What’s Injury Insurance?

Pursuing a new passion or participating in a long-time hobby can put guests one mishap away from a painful and unexpected financial burden. Spot can partner with your organization to protect skiers from financial hardship in the event of injury by covering up to $25,000 of out-of-pocket medical bills per incident, with $0 deductible. Spot enhances guest experience while facilitating a rapid recovery and return to skiing post-injury. Show your guests that their health and safety is a top priority by partnering with Spot.

Affordable injury insurance not only keeps your guests safe; it also attracts new customers to your mountain by providing the peace of mind and confidence they need to pursue their passion.

Website: getspot.com/partnerships

Contact: partnerships@getspot.com 

About Spot Injury Insurance

Spot integrates with a variety of organizations and businesses to offer custom-tailored injury insurance and build brand loyalty, with current partners including Telluride and Taos. 

Our fully digital platform integrates easily with your back end to ensure users are covered while on the mountain, and we’ll walk your customers through their coverage and the claims process in the event of an injury. Spot also provides HIPAA-compliant digital accident data that offers insight into injuries occurring on the mountain, creating an opportunity to enhance safety based on how, when, and where guests are being injured. It also enables valuable post-injury customer touchpoints to present discounts and offers, boosting brand loyalty. 

Spot even helps your organization entice and retain top-notch employee talent. Just like partnership policies, Spot’s employee accident policies can be built to cover your employees if they get injured while they’re on the mountain skiing or snowboarding.

For ski resorts, Spot is a customer benefit offered with lift tickets and season passes, providing your resort with an additional revenue stream for each policy included in tickets and season passes.

Spot is a customer experience enhancer, employee benefit, and revenue driver for all ski resorts. Keep your guests safe on the mountain, with Spot.