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Transaction Resources, Inc. (TRI)

The market leader providing payment processing solutions to the ski industry since 1993. 

Since its inception, Transaction Resources, Inc. (TRI) has been focused on the unique payment processing requirements of the ski resort industry. TRI's Vermont-based customer service team and California-based technical support team has specialists with years of experience and a depth of knowledge that is unsurpassed in the ski resort industry and key to its success in working with resort clients.  TRI processes over $2 billion in credit card transactions and over a million gift card transactions each year.  TRI provides these services to over 70 ski resorts nationwide.

CardDog delivers private card, gift card and other in-house card programs. Developed as the cloud-based payment processing platform, it allows ski resorts to accept, process and track gift and other in-house card programs at their wide variety of POS systems. The CardDog host acts as the gateway for switching, processing, and reporting. Now enhanced by Argos, the platform securely handles credit and debit cards while continuing to process in-house cards. 

Argos employs end-to-end encryption, tokenization and hosted payment server technology to remove cardholder data from resort POS and eCommerce systems. Argos, augments its multi-card processing platform by protecting cardholder data from the risks associated with data breaches.  Ingenico's family of terminals and PIN Pads are supported and card entry can be made via NFC such as Apple Pay and Tap, EMV (chip), swipe and key-entry.  Argos dramatically reduces credit and debit card PCI scope, provides superior store & forward capabilities, and streamlines reporting for all payment types and locations. Logging in to CardDog.com allows ski resorts to manage card programs, access or subscribe to reports, reconcile transactions and enter new transactions via the CardDog virtual terminal.

Argos is interfaced to: Active Network RTP|ONE, accesso Siriusware, Intouch, Axess, SportCode, Inntopia, Aspenware, and many others. 

TRI's easy to reach support group acts as part of your team and provides guidance for planning, installation, and ongoing customer service. 

Websites: www.transactionresources.comwww.carddog.com

Vendor Contacts: 

Ford Frick, ford.frick@transactionresources.com, 978-388-5995